Best London Black Cab Apps

Navigating London’s bustling streets can be a breeze with the right black cab app in your pocket. Whether you’re a local or a tourist, these apps are the key to hailing a ride with ease and confidence. From the iconic black cabs that line the city’s historic landmarks to the quieter suburban streets, there’s an app to suit every need.

The best London black cab apps offer more than just a ride; they provide a seamless experience that blends traditional charm with modern convenience. With features like fare estimates, driver tracking, and cashless payments, they’re revolutionising how we think about city travel. Let’s dive into the apps that are driving London forward, one tap at a time.

Popular Black Cab Apps in London

Navigating through London’s intricate weave of streets demands a reliable and efficient mode of transportation. Black cab apps have emerged as indispensable tools for residents and visitors alike, offering a blend of tradition and technology. Let’s delve into some of the most popular apps that are making waves in London’s transportation scene.


FREENOW stands as a frontrunner in the world of black cab apps, offering a seamless, user-friendly interface that caters to the needs of the modern Londoner. As London’s largest black cab app, it allows users to:

  • Book black cabs and other private hire vehicles with ease
  • Access real-time tracking of their ride
  • Benefit from secure, in-app payment options

One of the app’s most attractive features is its fare estimate functionality, ensuring that passengers know the cost of their journey beforehand. FREENOW’s reach extends beyond just London, making it a versatile choice for those who travel frequently across European cities.


Another heavy hitter in the realm of black cab services is Gett. This app prides itself on providing a high level of service with various features that include:

  • Fixed fares, with no surge pricing during peak hours
  • A loyalty program that rewards regular users
  • Carbon-neutral rides at no extra cost

Gett’s commitment to eco-friendly initiatives is especially noteworthy, as it aligns with the growing global trend towards sustainable living. The app’s dedication to maintaining a fixed rate regardless of demand showcases their understanding of customer needs for transparency and predictability in pricing.


Bolt is a rising star in London’s black cab app lineup, known for its competitive pricing and efficient service. It stands out due to its:

  • Availability in over 200 cities worldwide
  • User-friendly platform for speedy ride-hailing
  • Promotions and discounts for new users

Bolt has also integrated a ‘Driver Rating’ system, allowing passengers to provide feedback on their journey, fostering a community of trust and accountability. The app’s expanding footprint marks it as a formidable competitor in the London market and beyond, catering to a generation that values affordability and ease of access.

Why Use Black Cab Apps in London

London’s transport landscape is notoriously complex, and navigating it can sometimes be a daunting task for both residents and visitors. Black cab apps in London offer a solution, streamlining the way people hail and pay for taxis. They provide a suite of features tailored to enhance the urban travel experience.

Ease of Use stands out as a primary benefit. Black cab apps bring the convenience of ordering a cab directly from your smartphone, saving you the effort of finding a taxi rank or hailing one on the street. With user-friendly interfaces, these apps can be used by anyone regardless of their tech-savant level.

Benefits of Using Black Cab Apps

Driver Knowledge

London black cab drivers are renowned for their extensive training and knowledge of the city’s labyrinthine streets—a process famously known as ‘The Knowledge.’ By using black cab apps, passengers benefit directly from this expertise, ensuring they take the most efficient routes to their destination.

Black cab apps capitalise on this by providing driver profiles that showcase their qualifications and experience, offering additional peace of mind to users. Passengers can rest assured that they’re in capable hands, with drivers who are professionally trained to navigate through complex routes and traffic conditions.


Time-saving features are at the heart of black cab apps, fundamentally changing how users interact with London’s transport options. Key convenience features include:

  • Real-time tracking of the nearest available taxi
  • Effortless e-hailing from any location within the city
  • Automated payments eliminating the need for cash transactions
  • Trip history for easier expense tracking and management

Users can book a ride with just a few taps on their smartphone, bypassing the need to queue at taxi ranks or wave down a cab on the street. Moreover, the apps provide transparent pricing, so passengers know the cost of their journey beforehand, avoiding any surprises upon reaching their destination.

Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount when selecting any form of transportation. Black cab apps enhance passenger safety by featuring:

  • Driver verification, ensuring that all drivers are licensed and have passed rigorous background checks
  • Real-time ride tracking, which allows friends or family to follow the journey remotely
  • In-app SOS buttons for immediate assistance in the event of an emergency
  • Ride ratings and feedback mechanisms that help improve quality control

These apps go the extra mile to build trust and deliver a safe environment for both drivers and passengers. The added layer of accountability ensures that any issues can be promptly addressed, maintaining high standards within the black cab community.

Features to Look for in Black Cab Apps

Navigating London’s bustling streets can be a daunting task, but not if you’re equipped with a black cab app that boasts the right features. Ease of use and efficiency are key when choosing an app to hail a cab. Understanding what to look for in terms of functionality will not only improve your travel experience but will also ensure that you’re getting the best service possible.

Real-Time Tracking

One of the most sought-after features in a black cab app is real-time tracking. This function allows you to track the location of your cab from the moment you book your ride until it reaches your pickup location. Look for apps that provide:

  • Accurate ETA updates.
  • Map integration showing the cab’s progress.
  • Notifications for cab arrival.

With real-time tracking, you’ll spend less time waiting and more time enjoying London’s attractions.

Fare Estimates

Knowing how much your journey will cost beforehand can relieve the stress of travel budgeting. Therefore, it’s essential to choose a black cab app that offers:

  • Transparent fare calculations.
  • A pricing structure that’s easy to understand.
  • Estimates that include potential additional charges.

Pre-trip fare estimates help avoid surprises at the end of your ride and make planning your expenses more manageable.

Multiple Payment Options

In today’s digital age, carrying cash is becoming less common, and having various payment options is a must. When assessing different black cab apps, prioritise those featuring:

  • Secure in-app payment processing.
  • A selection of popular payment methods such as credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and contactless payments.
  • Instant payment confirmations.

The convenience of multiple payment options adds a layer of flexibility and security to your commuting experience.

How to Choose the Best Black Cab App

When exploring the bustling city of London, selecting the right black cab app can make all the difference. With an array of options at your fingertips, knowing what to consider beyond the essential features of real-time tracking, fare estimates, and payment options is crucial.

Availability and Coverage

To start, assess the Availability and Coverage of the black cab app. It’s paramount that the service spans across all of London, providing a seamless connection between you and a ride, no matter where you are:

  • Check if the app offers widespread access to cabs throughout the city.
  • Ensure that it’s operational 24/7, catering to both early birds and night owls.
  • Look for service in both densely populated areas and quieter neighbourhoods.

A black cab app that boasts extensive coverage assures you that a safe and reliable ride is always within reach.

User Reviews

Next, delve into User Reviews. Real-world experiences offer invaluable insights:

  • Read multiple reviews to gauge consistent praise or recurring issues.
  • Note the overall star rating but also read between the lines for detailed feedback.
  • Pay attention to comments about driver professionalism, app responsiveness, and support services.

Thoughtful consideration of user reviews can alert you to possible red flags or validate an app’s reputation for quality service. Remember, an app’s functionality is just one part of the equation — the experiences of fellow passengers often paint the full picture.


Ultimately, there are three apps you can download to call a black cab in London; FREENOW, Gett and Bolt.

Choosing the right black cab app in London boils down to personal needs and preferences. Whether you’re after round-the-clock service or prioritise a seamless user experience, there’s an app that fits the bill.