How Fast Can You Go on a Kick Scooter?

If you’ve been walking around London lately, it’s highly likely you’ve seen adults using scooters, both electric and non-electric, on their daily commute. This method of transport is becoming more and more popular throughout the city and we don’t anticipate this popularity decreasing any time soon. Why? – Well scooters are far more affordable than other alternatives, especially bikes. In this day and age, a quality kick scooter can be purchased for under £100. Commuters are starting to realise that purchasing a kick scooter over an alternative, is not only going to get them from A to B swiftly, but also leave a considerable amount of change in their pocket.

For the unconverted, there remains a small amount of doubt around kick scooters. The main concern is whether a kick scooter is fit for purpose when it comes to the commute. We all need to get to work on time and it’s essential our method of travel allows us to get to our desks before 9am. With this is mind, the most common questions always comes back to travel time and scooter speed. For an individual to workout if a scooter is right for them, they need an answer to a crucial question – How fast can you go on a kick scooter?


When considering scooter speed, as a user, you need to be aware of the variables which will affect your travel time. We consider the most important aspect to be the size of the wheels attached to the scooter. The exact same principals apply to scooters, as they do bikes – the bigger the wheels, the faster you can potentially travel. Large scooter wheels with high-end tyres guarantee to help the rider carry momentum when riding a kick scooter. This is definitely something to be mindful of, if you are considering purchasing a kick scooter for the commute. Another important variable is surface. The terrain in which you are travelling on, can work for or against you. The kick scooter performs well on smooth and dry surfaces, as compared to bumps and wet surfaces. Luckily, London is quite flat and only tends to get wet during the winter months, therefore we consider a kick scooter to be a fantastic method for travelling around the city.

The Numbers

Ok, so you want to know the exact numbers. In miles per hour, how fast can a kick scooter actually go? Well, put it this way – an individual travelling on a kick scooter can get to a destination a-lot quicker than they can on foot. The average walking pace is 2mph, whereas the average kick-scooter speed is almost 5 times that, averaging at around 8 to 10 mph. Putting that into perspective, if your journey to work is a 30 minute walk, taking into account various variables along the way, your trip will decrease by at least a half. Depending on the size of your commute, it’s safe to say travelling on a kick scooter will have a positive impact on your daily life.


We can’t write an article about speed and not include anything about safety. With the unfortunate increase in headlines around road accidents in the press, we cannot encourage individuals enough to use a helmet with any scooter. If this article has persuaded you to buy your first kick scooter, make the sensible decision to include a helmet with that purchase. Please be mindful on the road, kick scooters are not designed to keep up with the steady flow of traffic. It is legal in the UK to use the pavement with a scooter – and so, we advise users take advantage of pavements to have a much safer journey.

Final Words

Kick scooters are no longer considered a toy for children. Given the right conditions, kick scooters are a cheap and speedy tool which can be used to get to the office in adequate time. Instead of purchasing another bike, why not give a kick scooter a run for your money. We have a small feeling you will not regret it.