How to Pack Work Clothes for the Gym

Busy gyms are a common site for commuters in the morning, especially around London. It’s safe to say, as society has become more health conscious, there has been an increase in individuals that are adding a morning gym routine to their schedules. There are endless benefits when it comes to working out before clocking in. It’s pretty much guaranteed that after a workout, you will feel physically and mentally prepared for the day ahead.

Aside from meeting that challenging 5am alarm, the only other headache around a morning gym routine, is preparing a gym bag the night before. Commuters face the dilemma of planning their gym outfit, as well as packing suitable work attire for the day ahead. With this in mind, commuters need have suitable bags and packing methods, which will allow them to pack work clothes for the gym properly.

Smart Casual Attire

Luckily for us, the traditional office environment is evolving. With the growth of shared office spaces, such as WeWork and technology heavyweights like Google leading the way in getting rid of the ‘traditional’ professional image – more and more companies are ditching the corporate wear and operating dress-down policies. If your employers fall into this category, you’ll be pleased to know that you will most likely spend less time and care packing your bags for the gym. Casual dress implies that you don’t need a perfectly pressed shirt or tailored suit, which means that folding your clothes and packing them neatly in your bag will usually suffice. Ensure your clothes are ironed before you pack them away and your clothes will be uncreased when you unpack them at the gym. Our main advice here is that commuters need to ensure that they have a high quality bag to carry your garments. Typically, a bag containing a commuters daily essentials will be heavy. Ensure your bag has a shoulder strap attached, so you can use your core strength to transport your items. Carrying a gym bag with only handles will give your arms a workout before you’ve even arrived at the gym door, which is not what anybody wants at 6am.

Formal Wear

Where packing gets slightly trickier, is when commuters are required to dress formally after the gym. In this situation, you need to look smart – meaning a creased shirt may be frowned upon in the office. This makes packing your bag all the more important. Transporting ironed shirts and suits can be a difficult task, however we have a few methods which can make packing for your commute, that little bit easier.

In the mornings, we definitely look for the most convenient solution. In most cases, this means leaving the house in the morning in your gym gear, so you do not have to get changed again at the gym. While it may seem convenient at the time, by doing this means you have to pack your work clothing carefully. To eliminate this problem, have you ever thought about wearing your work attire to the gym in the morning? This way you can avoid the creases and easily pack your gym kit without worrying about creasing your clothes.

If our first suggestion is not right for you, you’re going to have to keep any suit or shirt separately from the rest of your items. Ensure that you hang any suit or shirt on a coat hanger and then transport the garments in a suit carrier. If you’re packing the night before, do not fold the suit carrier until you leave the house in the morning – this will reduce any chance of any creases or wrinkles in your workwear. When you get to the gym, hang up your shirts and suits inside your locker and unpack the rest of your clothes. As for the rest of your items – work shoes, socks, toiletries, towel, drinks bottle – you name it, ensure you have an appropriate travel bag with a shoulder strap.

The Final Say

Packing a bag may seem an obvious thing to do, but sometimes it’s good to understand how other people prepare and build morning rituals that help them achieve success. Achieving a goal, especially fitness related ones – need solid preparation which will help you build that gym confidence. Feel less stress, by packing for the gym the night before and having the appropriate bag or suit carrier to transport your essentials. Workout, feel those calories burn away and head to the office in style. We promise you, it’s not tough once you’ve made the routine a habit.