Liverpool Street Coffee Shop Guide

Tired of home-brewed coffee? Looking for an upscale alternative to Costa or Starbucks? Check out the best coffee shops near Liverpool Street tube or train station; a few cult cafes where you can swap an average drink with one the best brews in the city. No doubt, a cuppa that’ll make your daily commute a little brighter.

The Best Coffee Shops and Cafés Near Liverpool Street 

Black Sheep Coffee

Centrally located at just two minutes’ walk from Liverpool Street Station, the Black Sheep Coffee is proof that quality coffee and social business model are more than utopia. The brand started with a small coffee shop in Camden and is now one of London’s most popular cult coffee shop chains.

What makes them different is serving of Robusta coffee as a main choice in a coffee world run by Arabica.

Aiming to “leave the herd behind,” the coffee shop also fights social exclusion offering free coffees to London’s homeless people and has firm policies on plastic.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy a cuppa on the go. Whether you need a takeaway coffee for your morning train ride or one to sip on your way home, know that your favourite brew comes in recyclable – and compostable – corn starch cups.

Alternatively, you can stop by for lunch to check out their daily selection of sandwiches and Norwegian waffles, or, on those days when coffee after work is just not enough, you can chill out with one of their many cocktails.

Liverpool Street Grind

Grind in Broadgate Circle is the chain’s first restaurant opening in the City. A new addition to the list of best coffee shops near Liverpool Street that was launched in April 2019.

This coffee shop and restaurant maintains the eclectic décor and friendly atmosphere the brand is already famous for, and it’s a great place to taste some of the best brews in London prepared from coffee roasted exclusively at the Grind Roastery in Shoreditch.

To accompany your coffee for breakfast or brunch, you can choose from a rich selection of toasts, bruschetta, or in-house favourites such as sweet potato harissa cakes, complemented by bottomless prosecco on the weekend.

After work, Liverpool Street Grind awaits you with an interesting selection of dishes, including flat-iron steak or juicy Grind cheeseburgers, as well as a selection of cocktails such as the infamous Grind Espresso Martini.

Association Coffee

At a stone throw’s away from Liverpool Street, the Association Coffee is a neat place to discover if you want to learn more about the popular drink.

Run by progressive coffee makers, this cult café serves both regular espresso and a range of continually changing seasonal blends, as well as single-origin coffee brews. Besides hot drinks, fresh juices, and a selection of teas, pastries, and cakes, the shop also sells bags of coffee and brewing equipment to those who’d like to brew their own cuppa at home.

Whether you’re a fan of stovetop, French press, or filter coffee, the Association Coffee also runs classes that teach you how to achieve a perfect brew.

The shop is open from 7.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday, just perfect for your morning coffee stop or an afternoon tea.

Redemption Roasters 

Addressing all Londoners who take their coffee seriously, the Redemption Roaster is an excellent choice if you don’t want to drink the same brew every day. Indeed, the shop’s greatest strength is that their coffee range changes each season as new crops arrive.

All coffee is ethically sourced, and sipping your daily cuppas here means opening up to a world of new flavours.

More than a café, this is a coffee shop where you can either enjoy a fresh brew or buy coffee beans to brew at home. Despite its small size, though, the place is cosy and invites you to restore your energy in a friendly atmosphere.

Located in Broadgate Circle, this is one of the most popular stops for commuters who don’t really have the time to sit in but would rather sip their coffee on the go.

Beany Green

Broadgate Circle seems to be the coffee lovers’ mecca near Liverpool Street. Spoiling you with choices when it comes to cult coffee shops, the place also houses Beany Green.

This Aussie oasis runs weekdays from 6.30am ‘til late in the evening and all-day weekends and, as you can imagine, it’s THE place to go if you want to drink an authentic flat white. Besides quality coffee, this stylish café is the perfect place to catch up with friends or colleagues.

From bottomless brunches consisting of an impressive range of Aussie-inspired delis to healthy counter-style lunch choices, fat-free smoothies, cracking cocktails, local craft beers, and Australian wines, there are quite a few delicatessens to try here.

Department of Coffee and Social Affairs

One of the few speciality coffee roasters in London, the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, is much more than a coffee shop. The brand obtained the European Coffee Award as the best coffee chain in UK and Ireland both in 2018 and 2019 and is known as the place that takes coffee culture to the next level.

From high-quality coffee roasting and brewing to launching new coffee drinks, such as the Dept. Cold Brew, one of the first soft drinks for coffee lovers, this place is amazing and surprising at the same time.

Besides preparing their own coffee blends and drinks, the Department of Coffee and Social Affairs also prepares in-house pastries, bakery products, salads, and sandwiches.

If you’d like to discover more about the world’s best coffees, you can also join their coffee club to get some of the most exceptional coffees delivered to your door.

Whether it’s an essential morning coffee, a lunch, or after-work drinks with your friends, the best coffee shops near Liverpool Street can become a regular daily stop and can give new meaning to your daily commute. Just visit a different one each day to try them all or pick your favourite go-to spot from the list above.