London E-scooters: Rent a Scooter With These 3 Apps

The era of the electric scooter has well and truely arrived in London. Since June 2021, a trial has been underway allowing electric scooters to be rented in several boroughs.

This initiative, a collaboration between London Councils and participating boroughs, aims for a consistent, safety-focused approach across the areas involved. The rental e-scooters are provided by three operators, selected through a competitive process based on their ability to meet stringent safety and operational standards – including fire safety regulations for scooter batteries.

The e-scooters are currently available in Camden, City of London, Ealing, Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington and Chelsea, Lambeth, Richmond upon Thames, Southwark, Tower Hamlets and Westminster. Additionally, a Traffic Order has been implemented to permit the use of these electric scooters on TfL cycle tracks within these participating boroughs.

If you’re interested in renting an electric scooter and you haven’t stumbled across one in the street, you can find your nearest available scooter using one of the following apps.


In the London scooter app scene, Lime’s presence is undeniably significant. Founded in San Francisco in 2017, Lime has expanded rapidly and is now operating in more than 150 cities globally, sculpting its reputation as the world’s largest shared electric vehicle company. Notably acknowledged in Time Magazine’s “100 Most Influential Companies in 2021”, Lime’s innovative approach to urban mobility is changing the way we navigate our city landscapes.

Lime makes traversing London not just easier but greener. With a fleet that includes electric kick scooters, bikes, and transit vehicles, Lime is at the forefront of the eco-conscious travel movement. Partnered with Uber, Lime enhances user convenience by integrating their service offerings into the Uber app. This collaboration simplifies the process of locating an available scooter, ensuring users can seamlessly transition between modes of transport.

The cost-effectiveness of using a Lime e-scooter is quite remarkable. For a mere starting fee of £1.00 to unlock and £0.15 per minute afterward, users can enjoy an affordable and efficient commute. To put it into perspective, an hour’s ride with Lime can sometimes just slightly exceed the cost of a typical morning commute. This pricing model — coupled with occasional promotions and offers — particularly benefits students and budget-conscious commuters.

Beyond the user-friendly cost structure, Lime commits to the local community through its services. Currently trialling e-scooters in three UK locations, Lime prioritises connectivity and environmental responsibility. The easy-to-use app, despite occasional delays in updating bicycle availability during peak times, such as post-football matches, facilitates quick transport options for those keen to avoid congestion and reduce their carbon footprint.


When it comes to navigating the bustling streets of London, Dott e-scooters offer a sleek, efficient alternative. With Dott’s intuitive app, we’re able to locate, unlock, and start our rides with just a tap and a scan. The experience begins by finding a nearby e-scooter on the map, a process simplified by the option to ring the bell of the scooter if it’s tricky to spot, though this feature is available between 6 am – 10 pm for our convenience.

Safety and reliability are among Dott’s top priorities. Each scooter is equipped with larger 10-inch wheels, ensuring a stable grip on London’s diverse road surfaces. The added security of a triple brake system and an extra-wide deck for improved balance makes for a safer ride. We ride with ease knowing that Dott’s scooters are built to last and undergo daily maintenance checks.

Operating across several London boroughs including Ealing, Richmond, and Hammersmith & Fulham, Dott ensures that we can seamlessly transition across different parts of the city. Whether we’re in the heart of the City of London or enjoying the scenery at Canary Wharf, a Dott e-scooter is never far away.

It’s more than just the mechanics that make Dott stand out. They’ve put thought into the overall user experience, accepting a range of popular payment methods and local favourites. Plus, in some countries, Dott sweetens the deal by offering complimentary insurance to riders, a testament to their commitment to customer care—details of which can be found in their full terms or the FAQs.

Encouraging us to stay protected, Dott advises wearing helmets and reflective gear, especially at night or in low visibility conditions. They also remind us of the importance of using face masks and gloves if necessary, advocating for cleanliness before and after our journeys.

As we navigate this vibrant city, Dott’s presence signals a shift towards more personalized, eco-friendly transport solutions that are both accessible and secure. Their contribution helps us explore London in ways that we might not have considered before, proving itself as a remarkable addition to our urban transit toolkit.


Voi Technology, established in 2018, is revolutionizing urban transport in Europe with its eco-friendly electric scooters, aiming to reduce traffic and pollution. Launching in Stockholm, Voi quickly spread across Europe. Its success is driven by user-friendly technology and a commitment to sustainability.

Voi scooters offer a seamless, safe riding experience with features like real-time tracking, battery monitoring, geofencing, and speed control. These scooters provide a green alternative to traditional vehicles, cutting down emissions and focusing on recyclable, energy-efficient designs.

Voi works with city authorities to integrate scooters into public transport systems, promoting safe riding and contributing to urban planning for sustainable cities. Facing regulatory and safety challenges, Voi continually innovates to expand its services, exploring new micro-mobility options and smart city partnerships.

Voi is significantly influencing urban mobility, guiding cities towards a greener, more efficient future with its focus on innovation and environmental responsibility.