7 London Taxi Apps You Need to Download

Calling a cab in London can be..well..tricky at times, especially when the more well-known London taxi apps cancel!

Post pandemic, the landscape of taxi companies within the city has changed and it has even been reported that it’s getting harder to secure a lift via the most popular ride-sharing app in the city.

To limit the chances of a long walk home after you have missed your last tube, we think you should have a selection of the following taxi/ride-sharing apps available in your phone, especially if you need a cab quickly.


We know, you’ve already heard of Uber. In fact, you probably have Uber in your phone – given they claim that 3.5 million Londoners regularly use the app. However we cannot make a list of taxi apps in London without recommending the ride-sharing giants to our readers.

Uber is in-fact the taxi app that we personally use the most. It’s reliable, reasonably priced (well..surcharge dependent) and most importantly has a number of safety features embedded into their service.

Other features include an estimated cost before you even order the vehicle, real-time ride tracking, seamless fair split, multiple pick-up/drop-off options and you can now even order ahead.

It’s also worth mentioning that Uber is no longer just a simple ride-sharing app. It now offers a variety of methods to get from A to B and delivers pretty much anything to your door – their slogan is ‘Go anywhere, get anything’ for a reason. This app can be really useful if you find yourself in the city.

Uber is available on App Store or Google Play


Looking to steal Ubers title in London, we have Bolt – a reliable ride-sharing app that are making a statement with their generally cheaper journeys across the capital.

By charging drivers less per journey, Bolt can afford to give customers a cheaper service. The app is simple to use, with an interface that lets you book a ride in a few taps. In our experience, their service is usually swift, reliable and offers some of the most competitive fares in the city.

We also like the variety that Bolt offers. Whether you’re after an eco-friendly option or something a bit more spacious, they’ve got a range of choices to suit your needs. Plus, with their emphasis on green initiatives, you can ride easy knowing you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Bolt have also recently struck up a deal with local black cabs to expand their fleet, which supports drivers that were driving around the capital long before apps arrived!

So, when you’re looking for a lift across London town, that’s slightly on the cheaper side, we recommend that you give Bolt a go.

Bolt is available on App Store or Google Play

Ola Cabs

Let’s talk about Ola – the third largest ride-hailing app in the world that you haven’t yet heard of. Ola entered the UK in 2018 across South West England and recently expanded into London.

They come to the ride-sharing market offering a variety of experiences that suit whatever you fancy — go economical or splurge on a premium trip if you’re feeling fancy.

The app itself feels user-friendly and they take your safety seriously, too. With Ola, you can share your ride details with friends, so they know you’re on your way and safe. Plus, they’re stepping up their green initiatives with a bunch of electric options.

So, Ola is more than a newcomer to the London taxi scene — it’s a global ride-sharing powerhouse that’s about riding smart, feeling secure, and sometimes, getting from A to B with a lesser carbon footprint. We’re confident you will be seeing the Ola name around London a lot more over the next few years.

Ola is available on App Store or Google Play


You have probably seen (or will soon see) the FREENOW logo drive past you in the streets. Why? Well FREENOW combine a modern taxi app with one of the most famous London icons – the London black cab.

We think a London black cab ride is something every tourist or commuter should experience. With their charming stories and incredible knowledge of the London roads, London cabbies know every shortcut to get you to your destination the fastest way possible.

This FREENOW app is handy, letting you order a ‘bomber’ with just a few taps on your phone. FreeNow also offers a variety of vehicle options if a six seater black cab is slightly on the bigger side. Plus, they’ve introduced a feature where you can pre-book your ride, which is now becoming the standard across taxi apps.

The pricing is upfront, so expect no surprises, and with their loyalty program, you might find yourself saving a few quid here and there.

All in all, FreeNow is a great option for getting around London town. One we can recommend for a true London experience.

FREENOW is available on App Store or Google Play


Like FREENOW, GETT UK are an app that allow London riders to book black cabs through their app. Gett provides a platform where businesses can book and manage journeys for their team, encompassing thousands of taxis, ride-hail, and executive vehicles, all accessible from a single interface.

The app and web platform are designed to simplify ground travel, making the process seamless from booking to expensing. This integration is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to streamline administrative tasks

Features like automated recurring ride bookings, integrations with HR and invoicing systems, and one-click reporting on costs help save time on admin and vendor management. Additionally, Gett allows setting spending limits for teams or individuals, ensuring adherence to the company’s travel policy

So if you’re often travelling on work expenses and need recurring journeys – we recommend using Gett as an option.

GETT is available on App Store or Google Play

Addison Lee

The Addison Lee app gives you the power to book a ride in a snap, offering a fleet of well-maintained, comfortable cars that make every trip pleasant. They’re big on reliability and service, so whether you’re heading to an important meeting or to the airport, they’re there to make sure you arrive smooth and stress-free.

They’ve got fixed rates, which means you’ll know the cost of your journey before you book, no surprises or surge pricing. Plus, their drivers are pros — courteous, experienced, and ready to go that extra mile (literally) to ensure you have a top-notch experience.

Addison Lee isn’t just about getting you from here to there; it’s about doing it with a level of class and comfort that makes all the difference. And for the planners out there, you can book your ride weeks in advance, which is a neat feature for those who like to have everything sorted ahead of time.

So next time you’re looking for a ride in London that’s a cut above the rest, consider Addison Lee. It’s easy to see why it’s a favorite for Londoners who value punctuality, comfort, and excellent service. Grab the app, book your ride, and travel around the city with ease and style!

Addison Lee is available on App Store or Google Play


Wheely distinguishes itself in the luxury transport sector, offering a sophisticated chauffeur service, seamlessly integrated with a user-friendly app for iOS and Android.

Operating primarily from London and extending its services to international cities such as Paris, Moscow, and Dubai, Wheely focuses on privacy and comfort with unmarked premium vehicles, including Mercedes-Benz E-Class and the opulent Maybach S-Class.

The service boasts a range of classes to suit diverse preferences, from the standard Business Class to the luxurious First Class and the spacious XL Class for larger groups. Special services like the Luxe class and Concierge service add an extra layer of customization, catering to those seeking more than just a ride.

Wheely sets a high standard for its chauffeurs, requiring thorough training and certification to ensure top-notch service. This focus on quality extends to their expansion plans, with the USA marked as a potential market from 2024 onwards. Wheely’s approach balances luxury, discretion, and professional service, making it a preferred choice for travelers who value comfort and elegance in their journeys.

Addison Lee is available on App Store or Google Play