Uber Alternatives in London: A Quick Summary

Ok so let us guess – Uber just cancelled and you need an alternative quickly?..Wrong? Ok, maybe you can’t even match with an Uber driver at all?..Final guess – they have applied a 1.2x surcharge because you’re in the middle of Leicester Square?

Even though we use Uber the most, we admit that at times it can let you down. There will be available drivers elsewhere or perhaps you can secure slightly cheaper journey via one of Ubers competitors. 

We understand that you are probably in a rush, so here is a quick list of alternative apps we recommend. For a full breakdown of London taxi apps, check out our article here.

Bolt: The Uber Challenger

In London, the mark of Bolt is being rapidly made, emerging as a formidable competitor to Uber with fares that are cost-effective.

The business model adopted by Bolt, involving lower charges for drivers, results in more wallet-friendly prices for passengers being ensured.

Known for its quick, dependable service and diverse vehicle options, Bolt’s commitment to sustainability and a user-friendly interface make it an appealing option for eco-conscious travellers.

Bolt is available on App Store or Google Play

Ola Cabs: The Global Contender

As a significant player globally, the London ride-hailing market has been entered by Ola Cabs, offering a range from budget to premium rides.

Designed with user-friendliness and safety at its core, the app includes features that allow the sharing of ride details for enhanced security.

With a focus on environmentally friendly travel, Ola positions itself as a progressive choice for city rides, including a fleet of electric vehicles.

Ola is available on App Store or Google Play

FREENOW: The Iconic London Black Cab Experience

By merging a contemporary taxi app experience with the traditional London black cab, FREENOW offers a unique blend of modernity and classic charm.

A unique and authentic London journey is provided, complete with expert cabbies in navigating the city’s streets.

Simplified by the FREENOW app, the booking process includes a range of vehicle options, ensuring a convenient and quintessential London travel experience.

FREENOW is available on App Store or Google Play

GETT: Business-Friendly Black Cab Service

Access to London’s black cabs is provided by GETT UK, similar to FREENOW, but with a focus on business users.

Efficient ground travel management is facilitated by the app, offering features tailored to corporate needs.

This makes GETT an optimal choice for business travel, combining the ease of a taxi app with the requirements of corporate travel management.

GETT is available on App Store or Google Play

Addison Lee: The Classy Choice

Characterized by reliability and class, Addison Lee offers a fleet of well-kept, comfortable cars.

With its straightforward pricing model, free of unexpected surges, and professional chauffeurs, a preferred option for those seeking a more upscale travel experience is presented.

The ability to book rides in advance adds to its appeal, particularly valued by those who appreciate meticulous planning and a touch of luxury in their journeys.

Addison Lee is available on App Store or Google Play